Available Now: Fisherman Tiger by Teera!

We like to keep things really nice & simple on a Sunday, and we have fallen in love with the simple beauty of the Fisherman Tiger by Teera. Lovely craft wooden style that really grabbed our attention today. Fisherman Tiger is available to pre-order now, and we have the details below.


Priced at a very reasonable 1555BAHT (£36) + 45BAHT shipping. Fisherman Tiger stands at around 3inches tall (7.5cm) and is limited to 30 sets. Each Tiger comes in its own box.


To pre-order the Fisherman Tiger, you need to head on over to Facebook where you’ll find the below picture. You need to comment on this picture on the number of sets you would like to purchase. Limited to 2 sets per person. This is a pre-order and you can expect to wait around 2months for delivery.

[box title=”Important Details”]


PRICE: 1555BAHT (£36)

LIMITED: 30 pieces

SIZE: 3inches[/box]

Go give some love to Teera on Instagram HERE.

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