twin troopers and panda beast by Flüke Graf

Catalonian artist Flüke Graf announced a summer sale. It’s going down tonight, despite being a summer sale, Flüke is dropping some hot Kidrobot custom Dunnys, two Twin Troopers and a Panda Beast;

twin troopers & panda beast

The handpainted 3″ Dunny’s will be available at Flüke’s store tonight (we don’t have the exact time yet). They look amazing. We expect them to retail for €50/€42 each based on preview releases but no official pricing was revealed.

NHOJ TUINT  Trooper 1  was already fully revealed, it will be hard to buy just one, the Trooper 2 will be the perfect companion.

twin troopers & panda beast2

This will happen at Fluke’s online store Stay sharp if you want to get them, we are sure these will go out in a second.

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