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TTC In Person Coverage of ValleyDweller’s Solo Show AlphaSketch at Woot Bear

Today I got to spend a wonderful evening at Woot Bear for Jeremy Dale aka ValleyDweller‘s AlphaSketch show!


Look at that cozy full house!

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A selection of the sketch display. 

The design of the display was thoughtfully planned out – these were organized by month, and then alphabetically. Each section of 26 sketches matched one month, and one of the released sketch books that Jeremy had (such as junekyard). It was really quite a sight to see all these original sketches in person. The detail, the use of black and white and the contrasting shadows, and the subject matter were all very appealing to a wide audience.  Everything from Marvel, to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, to Mad Max were present in the sketch inspirations.

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Jeremy also had a selection of custom art pieces, including his Murgatroid Artist Proof. The art pieces were cash and carry, which was an unexpected treat. I was able to take home a couple pieces, such as the Scott Tolleson tribute below:



Jeremy was also signing copies of his first run, limited edition AlphaSketch books. When I say signing, I’d say that’s a bit of an understatement. He was creating unique sketches on the front pages of the books.


I managed to get a sketch from Jeremy too in my beat up sketchbook, and it was amazing!!


The turn out was great, as usual. Some fun artists were around – Cassia Harries, Ben Seto, Julie of Fog and String, and HzRd. There might have been more but I was too busy looking at everything. One more close up of a piece I particularly liked:


That Punisher!!

Thanks to Woot Bear for hosting yet another fabulous evening, with a delicious assortment of drinks and snacks (sriracha chips! nutter butters!). They always make you feel welcome =)

Pieces from the show will be on display through February 9th. Call Woot Bear directly or purchase online at Follow Jeremy here for more updates of his sketch books!

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