The DTA Dunny Show 2 by Clutter Magazine x Kidrobot

Prepare yourself for a pretty intense five minutes, because your eyes are going to be pleasured by the most awesome array of Custom Kidrobot Dunny that you’ll likely see in 2016. The DTA Dunny Show 2 has started in the New York Clutter Gallery tonight. Hosted by Clutter Magazine, in partnership with Kidrobot, the DTA Dunny Show is a group custom show of 20inch and 8inch Dunnys by a host of talented artists. Sales from this show will benefit the Designer Toy Awards, helping to finance this year’s 6th Annual awards ceremony.

First up we have Akaikiba no Senshi by artmymind. A 20inch tall Dunny vinyl figure hand-painted by artmymind. Includes wooden geta (sandals) and hand-tailored kamishimo crafted from authentic Japanese fabrics. Beautiful, right? You can own this HERE for $2200/£1515.

Next we have Alien in DEEEPSPAAACE! by Yu Maeda. An 8inch custom painted Dunny. Vibrant colours. Clean lines. We love it. Can be yours for $150/£101 HERE.

Brent Nolasco is up next with his Bird Song. An 8inch hand-painted Dunny by Brent. Yours for $450/£310 HERE.

We’ve previously brought you information on the two pieces submitted by one of the hottest artists on the planet right now. Quiccs! ARMD & Dangerous is an 8inch tall Dunny vinyl figure heavily sculpted upon and hand-painted by Quiccs. Accompanying this piece is a specially made canine Dunny, assembled by sculpting parts from two 3″ Dunnys together.

The second of Quiccs pieces, SRCH & Destroy is again another 8inch Dunny accompanied with a 3inch sculpted Dunny too – this time in glorious green camo. Not surprisingly both Quiccs pieces have sold already.

Another piece we’ve featured on The Toy Chronicle blog in the past couple of weeks is the Andrea Kang ‘Black Magic’ Custom 8inch hand-painted Dunny. Available to purchase HERE for $325/£224.

We had the pleasure of meeting RXSEVEN at Designer Con last November, it was a short meeting but you could tell that along with an immense amount of talent, RX is a genuine guy. His 20inch Celestial Custom Dunny is up next, sculpted & hand-painted. Available to purchase HERE for $1500/£1034.

Another piece from Brent Nolasco, this time Chico. Chico is an 8inch tall Dunny vinyl figure hand-painted with newly sculpted elements by Brent Nolasco. Built upon with Ave’s Apoxie Sculpt and wire, this piece stands 10″ tall now and has a 3inch Dunny headed beastie perched upon his arm. Available HERE for $600/£414.
Artist Mab Graves wasn’t messin’ about when she revealed Dreams for the DTA Dunny Show 2. Dreams is another 8inch tall Dunny vinyl figure sculpted upon and hand-painted by Mab Graves. Covered in faux fur, sculpted resin face and hands are accentuated by the feather hair and butterfly adornings. Comes with brass locket around the pieces neck that contains the artist’s signature. Sold out now for $1100/£758.
The Toy Chronicle knows one thing, every day is a party! Amanda Louise Spayd hammers home that point with her Custom 8inch Dunny. Every Day is a Party is an 8inch tall Dunny vinyl figure sculpted upon and hand-painted by Amanda Louise Spayd. Including the removable hat accessory, this mixed media piece stands roughly 10″ tall. Available to purchase HERE for $650/£448.

DTA 2015 Winner of Custom of the Year (Fan), Charles Rodriguez introduces us to Grinx, a 20inch Dunny sculpted upon, carved, cut, and hand-painted by Charles Rodriguez. The ears have had their front area removed, creating a wonderfully dimensioned aspect. Available to purchase HERE for $1500/£1033.

As we’ve mentioned this week, kaNO brings all the hip to the hop with is K-Rock 20inch Custom hand-painted Dunny. Available to buy HERE for $2500/£1722.

One of our favourite pieces from the DTA Dunny Show 2 is Luka & Tapistree from Gary Ham. A 20inch tall Dunny vinyl figure’s body with handmade wood head, all by Gary Ham. Standing roughly 30″ tall, 27.5″ wide, and 13″ deep, the roof of the treehouse head is easily removable, allowing one to place countless smaller figures inside. The working swing sets on either side of the piece are also sized to hold 3″ tall designer toys, as is the to-scale wooden ladder that fits on the backside. Comes with a roughly 2.5″ tall sitting boy character as well as three tufts of grass, all made out of wood & hand-painted as well. Available to purchase for $2200/£1515 HERE.

Seymour has a meltdown. A Mondo Meltdown. An 8inch tall Dunny vinyl figure heavily modified and hand-painted by Seymour. Transformed into a roughly 10.5″ tall piece made using Apoxy Sculpt, the figure’s right hand has been replaced by a Chris Ryniak designed 3″ Meltdown Dunny’s head being affixed in place. You can grab Mondo Meltdown HERE for $500/£344.

Another 2015 DTA winner, this time Nugglife, brings us Nugmad. An 8inch tall Dunny vinyl figure heavily sculpted upon and hand-painted by Ian Ziobrowski / Nugglife. Yours for $500/£344 HERE.

Ra’amsmaare, Talon of the Golden Draillean. Yeah, try saying that after a few sherbets. f+ has definitely brought something different to the party. Ra’amsmaare is an 8″ tall Dunny vinyl figure heavily modified and hand-painted by Josh “fplus” Pearce. Using fleshy-feeling silicon for the skin on the face, this piece was remade into a 9″ tall creation through epoxy and wire, with the finishing touch of some found beads adorning its neck.

No Custom show would be right without the addition of The Bots. The Bots are tearing up the Designer Toy scene with their incredible custom work, and Silva is no different. A 20inch tall Dunny vinyl figure that was completed sculpted over with hand mixed polymer clay by Jenn & Tony Bot. For the price of $1250/£860 you can take home this 20inch beauty HERE.

It’s yet to snow this Winter in London, however that’s no excuse not to enjoy Snowed In by Sket One. A 20inch tall Dunny vinyl figure modified and hand-painted by Sket One and Jamie Lee C. Coming with a snowcone accessory and plastic spoon, the crank piece — we’re told — can be used to turn this in a functional piece of art. For $1500/£1033 you can own this colourful wintery Snowed In piece HERE.

Spotted Snagglegrinyr by Chris Ryniak is up next. A 20″ tall Dunny vinyl figure sculpted upon and hand-painted by Chris Ryniak. Made using epoxy, acrylic, and fiber on the vinyl base. Available to purchase HERE for $2200/£1515.

You’re Next. Well, not exactly. You’re Next is the next custom. An 8″ tall Dunny vinyl figure hand-painted & sculped upon by Abell Octovan. At a very reasonable $250/£173 , you can pick up this ghostly piece HERE.

The final two pieces are from Gianluca Traina, Both pieces are untitled, but we do know we have a black version along with a pink version. The figure itself has an intricate yarn design woven across it and it stands upon a woven plastic display with a circular mirror base. The entire work measures 11″ tall, 12″ wide, and 15″ deep. Both priced at $1000/£689. You can pick up the black version HERE and the pink version HERE.

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