Feminamorphe Art Show Flyer Tasha Zimich

Tasha Zimich @ “Feminamorphe” Art Show

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Canadian-based painter of whimsy and charm, Tasha Zimich, will soon be having a series of 2D and 3D artworks on display for Toy Art Gallery’sFeminamorphe” art show. There will be a range of pieces in varying sizes and mediums, starting at $35 (£23) and up – so, delay no longer, and take a peak below!

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[frame align=”center”]Artic Lark Tasha Zimich Toy Art Gallery [/frame]

[frame align=”center”]Luftkaiser Tasha Zimich Custom Art Toy[/frame]

The show opens on Saturday 10th January, and will also feature a plethora of artworks by fellow artists Candie Bolton, Helen Vine, Okokume, Teresa Chiba & Uamou. Have a nose over on the show’s Facebook page or #Feminamorphe for sneak peaks of WIPS & reveals before the big day. I just had a look myself, and there are some pretty exciting customs on their way, that’s for sure!

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