Sanity by Big C Art

When one of our good pals takes on one of our favourite platforms, but adds his own signature (literally & figuratively) we take notice. So should you. Ravager is the platform, Big C Art is the pal. The signature? Big C Art’s mini Killer Cans that fit perfectly with the Ravager!

The mini Killer Cans are something that Big C has been working on recently, especially since the Ravager release. Something for artists to include in their own custom work. There will be a few painted of each size, and a few blanks of each size coming soon, debuting at Monsterpalooza next month.

Taking the mini Killer Cans outta the equation, Big C has also done a mighty fucking job with the custom Ravager. Working feverishly on it has help Big C get through some recent difficulties, and we can 100% confirm that Big C has absolutely nailed it with the colour work and the simplicity of this design. Something that some artists struggles with when tackling the Ravager. Some of Big C’s best work in our opinion.


Big C can be found on Instagram HERE.

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