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Nauticaa dunny series from Haus Of Boz

Ah, life on the ocean wave!
It’s picturesque, it’s tranquil, at one with nautical nature. It’s also pretty difficult to hold, as hairstyles go, but it’s easy to accessorise, if you’ve got the seafaring panache, just ask Nauticaa from Haus Of Boz
Haus Of Boz Nauticca dunny set group
This is a 4 piece series, including the exclusive chase Sea Emperor Nauticaa Dunny.
Each one is a 3″ custom Kidrobot Dunny, with sculpted parts, so no two are the same. All are handpainted in the Haus Of Boz studio, with individual flourishes, and finished with a coat of UV resistant varnish and gloss.

Haus Of Boz Nauticca dunny set back
These guys will be available from Haus Of Boz’s store from 8pm EST on the 12th of June, costing £69.99, so be quick to make sure you catch one!!

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