First things first, we would like to congratulate IAT always putting on these small but close-knit gatherings by having fun whilst creating what they love. Spreading love and awareness in the Indonesia art toy community. Taking constructive criticism well and improving along the way. This time the IAT crew used “Little Fire” platform for the base originally by “TheHandSign”.

Silvia Tampi : Naughty-Lus

An evolved Nautilus who try to survive living in deep sea ocean where many sea monsters are live. She carries her eggs safely attached at her stomach and waiting for her eggs to hatch and rules the deep sea ocean together.

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Psycho Custom : Soul Eater

    An unknown creature who suddenly appears in the face of the earth and eat all the soul that he counter till not a single soul left..

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Hitodama : Sinner (ira)

People who commit 1 of 7 deadly sins, anger. He’s cursed into a strange creature and destroy everything.

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malik : Flycandy

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Project experiment compares fly and candy, with power ability throwing candy with huge size candy.

MEGAMATA: Dhimas Fiqri 

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Aqmal : Toratoijira

Comes from deep, very deep ocean, this monster came out due to human’s bad habits in treating ocean, a pure nature’s rage.

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The Dirty Rat:  Ndone Mukti 

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Jonga Skascie : WENDYGO

WENDYGO is a creature that appears in Algonquian mythology. Description: They are evil creatures and eat human flesh. Wendigos are closely related to winter. This monster is the embodiment of greed, greed. They are never satisfied with killing and eating one person. They are classified as giants and on human transformation will grow big in size. They fill the countryside and are very woodland, mountainous areas. Recently Wendigo has become a horror entity, such as a vampire, werewolf, or zombie.

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Just judging from the photos a few have improved on their paint application and had gone hardcore on the blood and gore. Sculpting work is improving compared to previous customs and with the helping hand and guidance from Silvia Tampi the IAT crew should be improving faster. Another thing, a custom on a platform shouldn’t really be changed so much that you can’t tell what the OG platform is. A collector should still be able to make out what the original figure is or was, but this is due to personal taste. In our eyes, it can only get better whilst enjoying and having fun at these mini showcases.

Kidrobot should really host events like this around the world. It’s great to see works from IAT collective and we hope to see more from them in the near future and meetups like this as they spread our scene to the masses. It’s one of the ways the scene can grow and hopefully find new collectors.

More examples from the Indonesian AR+Toys collective at

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