Dolly Oblong – Melty Mcfly

The great Dolly Oblong is back with another really awesome custom, this time it’s based on one of the classic films of our time, Back To The Future. She took one of Buff Monster’s Mr. Melty figures and turned him into “Melty McFly”!!!, the colours are spot on and its instantly visible to what the character was based on, which must be difficult with such subtle changes. The hover board blows the whole thing out of the water. Whoa. Wait a minute doc. Are you trying to tell me that that board was custom made, yes that correct all the way down to the “Dolly Oblong” name written on the board. Outstanding work.

20140524-111740 pm-83860716.jpg

20140524-111741 pm-83861048.jpg


20140524-111741 pm-83861201.jpg

20140524-111741 pm-83861358.jpg


This was created as a private commission… so sadly, it’s not for sale, but if you are wanting your own amazing custom maybe from your favourite classic then be sure to drop her a line on her website HERE and check out her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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