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It’s summer, the sun is shining and the artists are customising. Doktor A has been very busy in his studio working on a series of six unique customised mini Android vinyl toys. Each with auto-articulated head motion. Turn the gear on the chest to rotate the head. He posted this in action on his Instagram page.

Each one of these is made from an official Google Android vinyl toy from DYZplastic, designed by Andrew Bell.

20140722-042023 pm-58823475.jpg

20140722-042023 pm-58823650.jpg

These beauties come in at 3? tall, and are a mixed media custom consisting of Vinyl, Acrylic, Laser etched MDF, Lead and a Brass winding key. Each one is signed and numbered on the bottom by Doktor A. These will be Available soon from his online store.

20140722-042023 pm-58823802.jpg

20140722-042023 pm-58823944.jpg

20140722-042024 pm-58824073.jpg

These works of art are beautiful and if you have not had the chance to own or see a Doktor A custom in person then it is something you must experience. The attention to detail on everything is so great all the way down to the last rivet and ever part has been masterfully created.

Check out more of Doktor A’s amazing work on his Instagram, Facebook and Website and also go take a look at the review I did on his booth at the Steampunk Market At The Mill.

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