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For this month custom series, Collect and Display has something very special! Our own sweet Madelon Rietveld worked on winter themed custom Kidrobot Dunnys and they are ready to steal your heart!

There are a total of four unique 3″ Dunnys, each one made with love and care (trust us on that). Madelon’s work is something between flocked figures, plush toys and classic designer toys. The use of felt textures and more “naif” materials make her style unique and very true to herself.

At first glance for some of you these customs may not catch your eye, but if you stop a moment and think about them you will be very surprised. Everything is cut, glued and stitched by hand. You can feel the artist care and almost a sense of motherly protection for her creations;


3″ Brownie Bear


“Brownie and Blackie Bear live in a land filled with snow. With their brightly coloured scarfs they can be recognized from a mile away. They used to have a hat too, but they lost it when they were playing their favourite game: ‘Catch the Snowflake’. Brownie and Blackie love a lot of other things too: hot cocoa, roasted marshmallows and campfires. But secretly they find snowflakes the coolest things of all.”

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3″ Blackie Bear


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3″ The Frozen One


“It was a very cold winter and Bella Bunny and her brother tried everything to stay warm. Their scarfs and hats helped, but it wasn’t enough. Bella became colder and colder, and her brother slowly started to turn blue. With his last powers he managed to swing his magic wand one last time and save his sister. Bella was able to warm her brother up, but the blue colour remained. Ever since that day, he is known as The Frozen One.”

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3″ Bella Bunny


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Each one will set you back £65. Each Bear Brother has a brightly coloured beaded scarf and comes with its own snowflake base decorated with winter sparkles. Bella Bunny and The Frozen One have a matching hat and scarf decorated with beads. They also have a magic wand that can be shaped to your preference

Here is one exclusive look at the packaging;

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The Winter Wonderland Custom Dunnys will go live this Friday November 25 HERE.

Follow Madelon Rietveld on Instagram.

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