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Angry Wood Doll and Sleeping Cricket by FMC-FUNNYMODELCLUB

Hi Minna-san long long time no see. We are fmc-funnymodelclub, a designer toys maker in Thailand. How is goi guys? Hope everyone is stay safe and sound, everything are going to be better soon at least I really hope for lmao.

 I’m here today to share your some news about our new piece guys. To tell you the truth we’re really excited about this crazy boy down here 

Angry Wood doll & Sleeping Cricket

This is our newest piece “Angry wood doll & sleeping cricket”

This furious wood doll gonna scream at you if you ask him too much!!! (ifyouknowwhatimean :d )

We got an inspiration of this piece from our beloved president?? Due to all situation, we got in our country, almost everything he has to be involved in someway (of course he is president though) so we decide to sculpt this piece with a humble of our humor sense we decide to collab him with one of the greatest character pinocchio. And please don’t ask us why it’s have to be pinocchio-kun though xd

Pre-order is going to start 6/29/20 at https://www.Facebook.Com/funnymodelclub for anyone who got interested please don’t be late 

Because it’s only 100pcs worldwide !!!! 

Further information is going to be reveal at the Pre-order day so stay tune 

You can follow us on our page here our instagram there and our artist who sculpt all of our work by his own hand watchara boonpokkrong 

Thank you so much for ttc and everyone who always support us. We’re really hope you guys do well with your work and your health in this crisis time. We gonna overcome it together see you soon guys 


PS.BOSS is going to be shipping out again in July together with GRAMPS if anyone have any question feel free to talk with us with all the platform you prefer <3

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