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Clutter Gallery’s Skullbrainer Group Exhibition

The Clutter Gallery have partnered with Super7 to unleash the Skullbrainer exhibition, an art show focused on kaiju and other strangeness created primarily by Skullbrain forum members.

Participating artists include AColorfulMonster, Alexis Witherspoon, APsychoCareBear, Atom Gray, Bad Teeth Comics, Blake West, Bleeding Edges, Blurble, Bog x Squad, Butcher Brand, Cakes with Faces, Chaingun, Chiririnka Toys, Colin Yeo, destroythehead, DrilOne, Dr?g, Goblinpile, Gorgoloid, Grumble Toy, HelloInterloper, Hints & Spices, Jeffrey Lamm, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Leecifer, Lewnatik, MonsterFoot Creations, Mr. Krotpong, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Plaseebo, plasticpurpose, Quiccs, Quinn Humlicek, Rampage Toys, Rei Alvarez, Secret Demon Services, Seth Longmire, Slave One, Stacia Murphy, 3d-Moonman, UHOH Toys, Unaffiliated SJ, Ungawa222, and Winu.

The remaining pieces are now available on the Clutter website HERE!

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