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The Rook by Mike Pipitone

Brooklyn-based artist Mike Pipitone has come up with a classy little design “The Rook”

He recently started making chess set characters and has started with The Rook.
really nice finish on these kinda reminds me of master chief from halo

Mikes 5.5 inches, solid resin rook is available now HERE for $50/£39

[box title=”Important Details”]
Link to Buy:
Release Date: Available Now
Price: $50 / £39[/box]

He will also have a release of a smaller version that glows in the dark coming out in a week or two fingers crossed Friday the 23rd of June at 12 pm Eastern Time will be the time
from the pictures, they look like they will pack a punch.

[box title=”Important Details”]
Link to Buy:
Release Date: 23rd June at 5pm BST (12pm ET)
Price: n/a
Limited: n/a
Event Reminder:[/box]

Plans are being talked about for future releases of smaller versions and if popular a full chess set, so if u can get behind this and grab some rooks we will all get to see more pieces !!!!

more of Mike’s work can be found here

loving these, by the way,
bless ups Czee

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