Heavy Metal Wookie Pins by ibreaktoys! Discount Code Inside!

Whilst everyone is losing their minds about the new Star Wars movie, which apparently ain’t that great (according to our close sources), we have the ever delightful ibreaktoys giving you the opportunity to get your hairy sausage fingers on her Heavy Metal Wookie pins! Not only that but you can get yourself a cheeky discount too… read on….

Heavy Metal Wookie Pins
Available in four different colourways, the Heavy Metal Wookie pins are selling for $11 (£8ish) over on the ibreaktoys store HERE. All the Heavy Metal Wookie pins are limited edition. Pink/black & White/black is an edition of 120, Browns are an edition of 50, and there is only a handful of the Gold edition. Beautiful quality enamel pins, produced by Creamlab to a very high standard.

If you want a 25% discount use the code:


What are you waiting for? No spoilers here, go buy your Heavy Metal Wookie pins and look great wearing them! Buy HERE.

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