YORU and YOKU By J T Studio

Fresh from just having a solo show at Wrong Gallery, J.T Studio once again flexes his muscles and dropped two fantastic high-end figures from J.T Studio’s new “Street Mask” series. Totally different from the epic ” Journey to the West series, but still as epic!   Looking for something different for your high-end action figure collection? look no further! The folks at J.T Studio has begun pre-order for their 12”YORU and 1/6 scale YOKU figures which are both designed by the talented by Jei Tseng.

Street Mask In these street that fills with countless hypocrites there are two clans, one is those who fight for their dreams, the “Crazy D”; And the other that seek to destroy their dreams, the “Night M.” had commence a street battle of light and darkness.
  • “Crazy D.” The fanatics that follows their own


    and each being the best in their field of expertise in street style. They formed the “Crazy D” and sworn to protect the dreamers that pursue their dreams.

  • “Night M.” They wore mask so no one will know who they are,

  • jealous and envy of the people that are better than them, they strike and break their achievement and dreams with despicable ways in the dark just to fulfil their own selfish desire.

12″Yoku, Pre-sale information. 12″Yoku 現貨販售資訊

Yoru twin brother, since they were kids Yoku like doing the same thing as his older brother. Ever since Yoru started yoyo, Yoku began learning along with Yoru, but his skill was never a matched of and always below his brother, to a point where everyone thought Yoku was just a second-rate Yoru, which causes Yoku to grew envy and hatred, that made “Night M.” to bring him into their clan.

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  • JT獨家素體 JT Body x1
  • 頭雕 Head x1
  • 面具 Mask x1
  • 耳機 Headset x1
  • 項鍊 Necklace x1
  • 背包 Backpack x1
  • 腰包 Pockets x2
  • 尾巴Tail x1
  • 上衣 Shirts x3
  • 褲Pants x1
  • 襪子 Sock x
  • 袖套 Cuffs x
  • 手型 hands x2
  • 鋁合金溜溜球 YOYO x2
  • 壓克力地台 Stand x1
  • 貼紙 Stickers x1
  • 鞋子 shoes x2
  • 金屬認證卡 Metal Certification card x1
  • 設計包裝 Designed packing box x1
  • 海報 Poster x1
  • 沒有包括YOX(狐狸) Not including Yox (Fox)
  • 高度 High:30 cm

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1/6 YOKU, Pre-sale on April 26th, 2017 only at JTSTUDIO.COM.TW 10:00 am Taiwan time.

Price: 330USD (Price no includes shipping) Shipping in May, 2017. Strictly limited to 199 pieces. Design by Jei Tseng.

12″Yoru, Pre-sale information. 12″Yoru 現貨販售資訊

Yoru was born in a famous Ukiyo-E family in Kyoto, since young he got into playing yoyo and started his dream. Living by the Inari Shrine made Yoru to constantly sneak out to practice in the shrine, while his skill improved faster than usual, which led him to believe that the Inari God has blessed him with the power to persuade his dream, thus making him to used a fox mask to act as his personal lucky charm. Never giving up on his path Yoru joined the clan “Crazy D.”

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1/6 YORU, Pre-sale on April 26th,2017 only at JTSTUDIO.COM.TW Price: 330USD (Price no includes shipping) Shipping in May, 2017. Strictly limited to 199 pieces.Design by Jei Tseng.

No design effort spared even on the box art and things like the stand as well as every figure are numbered. So the now is the hardest part. YORU or Yoku? for further info.

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