What have Super7 got in store for DesignerCon 2017?

A very good question posed! What have Super7 got in store for DesignerCon 2017? Well, we have some of those answers below. First up is a new rendition of Bat Boy. Available from the Super7 booth, likely in limited numbers. No details on price yet.

The Purple Worst M.U.S.C.L.E sets will debut at DCon this weekend. Looks to be two sets available. Again, no details on prices. Sorry! Wonderfully sculpted mini-figs.
the-worst-muscle-super7-dcon-2 the-worst-muscle-super7-dcon-1
If you’re feeling extra special lucky, you can try one of the Super7 DCon Lucky Bags. Do you feel lucky? lucky-bag-super7-dcon-2017
We are 1000% certain that there will be a load more Super7 DCon releases, but these are what we’ve found so far. If you’re a Super7 fan, and heading to DesignerCon, you should hit up their booth early so not to be disappointed if you miss out on any exclusives they drop unannounced.

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Check out Super7 on Instagram HERE.

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