One more day, one more day closer to Halloween! Have you decided what your costume will be? If you’re thinking “Haley Quinn” stop it right now (M.I.B. red light flashing)!

Well, now that that’s out of the way we have a suggestion for you! Why don’t you leave aside corporate costumes with that familiar plastic smell that we all love to hate and settle for an art piece that you can later display at your house (or whatever is your thing)?

Tim Stephson the talented toys sculptor, general at Ultimate Skull & Cobra has some creepy handmade goodness available at his webshop that might be what you’re looking for;


Scary as they come. The Ugly Mofo latex mask is available HERE for $50. All handmade by Tim Stephson himself.

What do you say? Let’s scare some people and support the indie scene?


See you tomorrow!


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