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We went there. There was the physical TTC Family Coin, the 3D printed TTC Family Coin we offered last week, now the first TTC Family Coin NFT Series! We are on the NFT train! Sometimes we have to step into the unknown to find a new path. We have always tried to do things differently, try new things. Somethings works, some not so much.

We have been super interested in the whole cryptocurrency adventure for the last 12 months, and have enjoyed the ride of watching how Bitcoin (BTC), Etherum (ETH) etc have been creating all kinda fun for investors. With more & more news on how NFT (non-fungible tokens) were being utilised for digital art, we delved deeper into how that could help benefit The Toy Chronicle and what we could do within the NFT world.

We have now taken that step into, what we think is, a cool, fun project using our TTC Family Coin as a piece of 3D art. Whilst most of what we bring to the art table, are the words that we string together on this TTC blog, the TTC Family Coin design was something that we felt had that extra feel to that our supporters have adopted over the years we have been running.

We have created TEN new limited edition TTC Family Coin NFT in our TTC Blue colour on Each, as you will see if/when you visit our profile on Opensea HERE, has been given a 3D makeover and animation added.

#1 in the series (which you can find HERE) is currently open as an auction for 3 days, with a minimum bid of 0.077 ETH (about $138). #2-#10 in the series are all open to straight sales at 0.077 ETH.

Our hope is that if there is interest in these, we will add different colours, plus different rarities over future periods. We shall see. We have other ideas too, but want to see what comes of these first.

Our thinking is that if we had involved ourselves in NFT in the early parts of 2014 etc, when we were at the start of our unimaginable growth, these would be incredible in value now. As our growth continues, and we continue to build the TTC brand into 2021 and beyond, we ain’t stopping now! NFT are still very much in their infancy of what they can do/be, and sometimes as we said above you have to take the steps into the unknown. Early adopters could find that this is very beneficial to them in years to come, or they could easily find that this whole ideology was a bust.

To purchase any of the TTC Family Coin NFT, you will first need to visit the TTC on HERE. You will need your own Ethereum wallet, we would suggest using Metamask on the Chrome browser. We have been using this and have found it very easy to use. You will need to ensure you add ETH currency to you Metamask wallet, again an easy task within the Metamask tool. We were able to add ETH relatively fast through Metamask. Once you have ETH in your wallet, you can go back to the TTC profile on Opensea and make your purchase. The TTC Family Coin NFT will then be assigned into your Ethereum wallet.

Whilst there are many unknowns to the NFT crypto world, we think one of the biggest concerns is the carbon footprint of NFT mining. So to try and counterbalance the NFT side of things, we have also set up an account with Ecologi, which help plant trees and invest money into projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than your own carbon footprint puts in.


If you wish to also set up an account on Ecologi, to help offset your carbon footprint, you can use the special TTC link using the button below to sign up. Anyone that uses the link below will help plant an additional 30 trees.

If you want to support The Toy Chronicle, we have a number of options available to you. We have started to stock a wide range of releases that we think you will enjoy. Ranging from production pieces from Superplastic, Unbox Industries & POP MART, to original pieces from our favourite artists like Sank Toys, Quiccs & Czee13. Purchasing one of our pins also really help. A quick, cheap way to also support the TTC is by making a small donation. These can all be completed below through our online shop. We appreciate all the support! Thanks!

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