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TTC Artist Spotlight Josh Pearce Fplus


The Toy Chronicle artist spotlight shines the light over to America. Toy artist from the PNW.  Josh Pearce (Fplus) makes a world of fantastical creatures that for collectors both young and old. OR based sculptor that works in the stop motion industry, as well as creating fantastical, unique works for collectors all over the world. Josh work is great and his experience from working in the stop motion industry has made no idea’s of his impossible to make and produce.

The universe of f+ is an infinite realm of majik. An ever evolving, living, breathing plane of existence, blessed with all the powers of gods, encumbered by all the flaws of man. this realm is an oasis, a nightmare, a metaphor, and it all lives in pure chaos and perfect harmony.

Josh Pearce is powered by a windmill mind, a glass furnace heart, and butterfly anvils for hands. I invite you to explore and enjoy this world as it grows and evolves. Hopefully everyone that comes upon it will find something of inspiration or perhaps, a bit of enlightenment.

Take this prime example of Josh’s work “Peacockicorn of Valor” custom Swanicorn designed by Daniel Fleres, part of the Group show “The Gathering” at Dragatomi, 3/9/13

peacockicorn Josh Fplus Pearce 2 peacockicorn Josh Fplus Pearce side

His sculpting and air brushing is brilliant, with beautiful ideas. Maybe his line work needs to be cleaner but still one heck of a custom!

peacockicorn Josh Fplus Pearce

Next up is this crazy “Knock Knock” The Trebuchet Mammophant (custom 10″ Labbit with functional mini trebuchet) which was a privately commissioned in 2013 using mixed media.The treubuchet throws the dunny about 10′ and throws marbles 20+ how cool is that!

The Trebuchet Mammophant Fplus 2 The Trebuchet Mammophant Fplus


Back in 2012 Josh  made this “Despair and Sorrow (Bonded)” custom two Faced Hazel for the Two Faced show, at GUNNZO in San Diego, CA, what a beauty.

Despair and Sorrow 2 Fplus Despair and Sorrow back Fplus white Despair and Sorrow back Fplus Despair and Sorrow Fplus

Even back in 2010 Josh was customising Coarse figures like no joke this “True Enemies” Custom False friends

The majik guardian sentinel of the hallowed forest stands ever vigilante, forged from equal parts technology and majik, the sentinel is powerful and tireless. Should the sentinel be damaged in battle, it can cut down another tree with it’s ax and replace any parts it may have damaged during combat, making it an immortal, and totally self sustaining force.

The Nathra Ach Nu is known as “the Claw of Shadows” and is an incredibly fast and cunning killer. It’s dark heart and incredible stealth makes it the perfect scout for the hopeful occupation of the bountiful forest lands. The Guardian of the forest, however, can detect even the stealthiest of creature, and will not hesitate to cut down such a threatening intruder. Because of their perfect balance against each other the story of “The True Enemies” is born.

True Enemies Fplus coarse toys

Josh is no stranger to big big commissions check this “Death is infinite” Custom Squadt and handmade display mixed media.

Death is infinite Josh Fplus 2 Death is infinite Josh Fplus helmate off Death is infinite Josh Fplus

One of Josh’s well known series of custom Dunny’s he has made would be Candelabrans the candle like Dunny rocks!

Candelabrans Fplus

One nice TMNT custom using a Kidrobot Munny

Raph Munny Fplus josh Raph Munny OUT5 Raph Munny

Josh uses a lot of Squadt’s and I like his Sancho Muertes” custom Jamungo

Sancho Muertes custom Jamungo Squadt Sancho Muertes custom Jamungo Squadt Fplus 2 Sancho Muertes custom Jamungo Squadt FplusAnother Squadt custom called “Undersea Excavator”

KRKN Automaton Undersea Excavator josh pearce fplus Undersea Excavator josh pearce fplus 2

All this is just a small amount of work from Josh, we didn’t want to spoil you and show you everything so when you have some free time, check out his Flickr page HERE

You can also find Josh via Facebook ,Instagram  and Twitter

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