Thirdstage 3inch Dogbird at Collect & Display!

Sometimes you think you’ve seen it all. All that the world can offer you. Although sometimes you’re thrown a curveball and you think to yourself ‘wtf!’. Thirdstage have truly worked a miracle by adding a dog with the majestic bird’s body, creating Dogbird! DOG BIRD! Marvellous!

You can buy these wonderful creations via the ever so beautiful Collect & Display. Priced at a tenner (£10) you can buy them HERE on the C&D webstore.

We have been reliably informed that dog bird is also a Korean swear word. Dog bird becomes ?? [gae-sae] SOB short for ???. So there you have it. You learn something new every day. Today we also learnt that you should peel bananas before you freeze them. dogbird-thirdstage-3

Also as an FYI, when you search for #thirdstage on Instagram you find all sorts of weird & fucking wonderful images. Mainly this… #thirdstage

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