BashProjects - Giftwrapped

Gift Wrapped by BashProjects!

These cute critters by BashProjects will be on show at the upcoming “Gift Wrapped” Show by Clutter Magazine. These 3″ Custom Dunnys follow the distinctive Bash style, and why not – it’s a very, very nice style! I have one of his custom munny gnomes, and you wouldn’t be disappointed if you unwrapped one of his custom pieces this Christmas!

[su_quote]Christmas came early in the land of Bash! But there was a big problem… THERE WERE NO PRESENTS!!! So the bunnies did what had to be done, they wrapped themselves as presents and jump in Santa’s goodiebag. So he didn’t end up empty handed.[/su_quote]

If you want to find out more about BashProjects, then you should definitely check out his Website for other customs available. Bash is also available on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

[su_frame align=”center”]Bash Projects Gift Wrapped[/su_frame]

[su_frame align=”center”]Bash Projects Gift Wrapped[/su_frame]

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