The Dark Mind Toys exclusive Critter mini figures from The Disarticulators

Celebrating the launch of new online indie toy retailer Dark Mind Toys, owner Tim MacBride aka Zombiethulhu is proud to present the first exclusive that’ll be touching down soon… a fresh batch of the Disarticulators’ Critter mini figure!

20140522-120250 pm-43370016.jpg
Designed and sculpted by Zectron and produced in a keshi-style rubber courtesy of Tru:Tek, the 1? tall figures have been cast in a gorgeous thermal color-changing purple-blue pigment this time around, with a total of 13 up for grabs; 8 in a deep “eggplant” and 5 in a light “lavender”, each coming packed with an all-new custom header designed by Tru:Tek, plus free stickers from DMT owner, Zombiethulhu.

20140522-120308 pm-43388495.jpg
Touching down in the new store on Thursday, May 29th at 1pm EST, the mischievous little guys have been priced at just $20 each plus shipping… Expect news of more releases, including the debut of Zombiethulu’s own mini figures, over the coming weeks!

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