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Tenacious Toys: Tenacious Toozie Scloozie Shagghoulie by We Become Monsters

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The infamous Shagghoulie by We Become Monsters has returned with a tenacious blue jumpsuit colourway! He will be the next series in Tenacious Toys’ Super Series Sundays collection. Here’s a little more about this furry fiend:

A traditional ghoul is a desert-dwelling, flesh eating demon. In ancient times, ghouls dwelled in burial grounds and other uninhabited places. The Shagghoulie is a fiendish type of modern ghoul, residing in the Las Vegas area.

While ancient ghouls lured unwary people into the desert wastes or abandoned buildings to slay and devour them, modern Shagghoulies lure only the semi-wary, and tend to attack in highly populated areas as a group, using a swarming action.

[frame align=”center”]Tenacious Toozie Scloozie Shagghoulie We Become Monsters Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays[/frame]

Luckily, they no longer kill. These weirdos are content to simply eat the hair, fingernails, dry skin, and any other dead tissue of the living. The creatures also prey on young children’s shoelaces, drink rum, steal credit cards, and, on holidays eat the dead. They also have a nearly fatal fashion sense, stunning their prey with their fabulous shaggadelic jumpsuits.

They are known to be mediocre public speakers and occasionally suffer from dandruff. They are great dancers but highly antisocial. Do not approach or attempt to touch them. If they become startled, the fur of their shag suits can stiffen to needle-like spines.

The Tenacious Toozie Scloozie Shagghoulie is around 13 inches tall and features an articulated 1:6-scale body with custom resin hands, feet and head. The vibrant blue fur was chosen specifically for this Tenacious Shagghoulie and hand-sewn into a jumpsuit. Each mixed media piece is hand cast and hand painted by Chris Moore of We Become Monsters, and comes with a free micro SLAB. These slabs are WBM’s way of turning waste resin into art, which is pretty ace in my opinion!

If you think this guy’s as cool as I do then make sure you’re on Tenacious Toys’ Super Series Sundays page at 7pm EST (midnight London time) on January 11th for the pre-order, which will ship to customers 2 weeks later. There are only 10 available in this colourway and are priced at $100 (around £67) each.

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