Tenacious Toys Exclusive NYCC ‘Oop’ by Matt ‘Obscure’ Perez

We follow up on our earlier Tenacious Toys NYCC exclusive with another absolute cute fella from Matt ‘Obscure’ Perez of Angry Koala Gear. Taking on his own Oop design, Obscure has given Oop a Tenacious Toys ‘blue’ makeover all ready for New York Comic Con next month.

[frame align=”center”]TT-NYCC-Excl-Matt-Perez-Oop[/frame]

Oop is a forest dwelling orphan.  The offspring of forbidden love… a fawn and a goblin.  He is a lonely soul, wandering the forest for companionship.

The 2.5inch NYCC Exclusive Oop will be limited to 15 pieces, all at $35/£23 each.

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