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Sunny and Cloudy Weather Shop Skoll Christmas Version By Lo-Fi

Towooz collectives Lo-Fi AKA Eun Byeol Choi debuted a new designer toy “Sunny and Cloudy weather shop” series SKOLL and taking center stage is a character named ‘Skoll’ at Taipei Toy Festival. Lo-Fi Left us pretty speechless as it’s totally different style from LoFi. Not to say it’s not on par with her past releases, this is much cuter but the quality looks just as good and the range of pastel colours could appeal to a wider audience. Last month the first online release of “Sunny and Cloudy Weather Shop” sold out quick time which was no surprise. Today Eun Byeol Choi reveals the all new colourways of her SKOLL’s which will be a sign of relief for collectors who missed out of the first two colourways which you can check out HERE.


Sunny and cloudy weather shop Series Story & Motif

= In mythology or folk tales, there are many animals that are related to the weather or represent deities that control the weather.

The “Sunny & Cloudy Weather Shop” series takes imagery from Celtic mythology, fables, and animals as the motif and creates characters out of elements related to weather such as rain, temperature, humidity, and lightning.

In addition to Skoll, more diverse characters related to the weather have been planned for release, to complete a story that shows the changes in weather throughout a day.

This is why it was named the “Sunny & Cloudy Weather Shop.”

The motif for this Weather Shop series was taken from the song “Why Does it Always Rain on Me” by Travis.

The metaphor of rainy weather to represent unhappiness inspired me to create this series.

As we often express how we feel in terms of how we would also describe a sunny or a cloudy weather,

I wanted to create a story in which the characters’ state actually affects the weather.

As sweet and beautiful as the music of Travis.

Skoll Christmas version has a festive colour scheme but we don’t think it only for Christmas as the pastel colours work so well that we would display them all year round.



The first character of the series, Skoll, is a wolf girl who chases the sun and causes lightning.

The motif for this was taken from the sun-chasing wolf Skoll from Celtic mythology and Raijuu, a beast in oriental mythology believed to have caused lightning.

The cloud-shaped head and costume were designed to show the state of the clear or cloudy sky through different colors.

The way Skoll feels can affect the weather.
If the wolf above the head wakes up, the sun disappears and the clothing and hair representing the sky turn dark. Lightning strikes and rain may also ensue.
Conversely, when the wolf is asleep, a cloudless sunny sky will be created.

Need a closer look of SKOLL? check out our Facebook LIVE TTF 2016 video stream which you can check HERE they look damn good. No official release date announced yet but it should be anytime this week, stay tuned for further updates. Buy them NOW at FIFTY FIFTY Store. Or simply email [email protected] or FB message to pre-order now. Priced at  75,000 South Korean Won.

Pssssss, a bird told us Lo-Fi might be releasing a 5? Vinyl VERSION! Don’t tell everyone 🙂 Stay tuned for further info.

Find LO-FI via Instagram and Facebook.

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