The new Avengers movie Infinity War is now out and artists and fans are already jumping on the hype train. Devils Head Productions, masters of the evil sofubi, will be having small amount of “SMASH” Jizo-Anarcho available in the webshop as a tribute to their favourite character from the franchise. Big, green, angry and strong, we’re not talking about Andy from The Troy Chronicle, it’s smash time with the HULK!!!

SMASH JIZO-ANARCHO features a gritty, dirty purple paint rub glossed over with clear sprays of green and purple complimented by subtle metallic sprays. There also a battle damaged 1 off chase that will ship at random featuring some dark areas of bruising splattered by sprays of blood from Jizo’s pummeled victims.

Available on 04.27.18 HERE for $30.00 each.

Also, DHP is offering a FREE shirt in the webshop to the first person who orders something and requests it in their order email (only size S available).

But be advised, DHP says: ‘PLEASE DON’T REQUEST IT unless you intend on making sure it gets worn. Karma is a bitch folks’.

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Price: $30.00 each.

Release date/time: 04.27.18.

Link to Site:



Keep on checking the Devils Head Productions!

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