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Scrub! UMEToys’ Friday the 13th Release

Things have become an awful lot less spooky since Halloween’s been and gone. How are we going to get our dose of ghoulish screams and supernatural presences now? Never fear ladies and gents, for UMEToys has a new release to quench your thirst for ghostly apparitions! We’re fiendishly excited to introduce to you, Scrub! The first resin Scribble Ghost!

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This floaty fellow is a one-off release, specially timed for this week’s infamously unlucky, Friday the 13th! This chunky chap stands proudly at 3.5 inches of solid resin, and is also partial to a cigarette in the afterlife (why not when you’re dead, ay?)

[frame align=”center”]Friday_13_scrub_UMEToys_resin_release[/frame]

Look at that paint job! He’s clearly not the cleanest of ghosts, but who would be when you no longer have to worry about catching anything! He’s got the best crinkly face and a cheeky edge that makes you wanna know what he’s getting up to next…

Speaking of his future plans, I heard he’s got something going on with his fellow Scribble Ghosts. If you want to get a glimpse of these spectral suspects then why not treat yourself to an original drawing of one?

[frame align=”center”]Friday_13_scrub_UMEToys_Ink_original_drawings_sketch_release[/frame]

LOOK AT THEM ALL! These are all original UME Scribble Ghosts, inked onto bristol board and mounted on 10’x10′ frameboard, ready to take pride and place on your wall; if you’re worried about them sneaking off the page, you can always frame them too.

Scrub and the drawings will be available in the UME store this Friday 13th November at 9:00pm London time. He’s an original one-off remember, so if you want this little phantom for your collection, you’d better be there sharpish!

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