Ron English Evil MC – Hella Bling Edition!

BlackBook Toy are proud to announce the release of new edition of Ron English’s EVIL MC “Hella Bling” edition.

[frame align=”center”]hella bling[/frame]

This one is casted in clear black with tons of gold glitter inside. So Bling Bling! Every rifle is casted in resin by EVIL MC sculptor, Chop of Monster Farm. This EVIL MC is huge too! Standing at 15.7inches from burger to toe. When he’s holding his rifle, it’s 19.3inches from rifle to toe. Huge.

[frame align=”center”]hella bling rifle[/frame]

[frame align=”center”]hellabling[/frame]

Online sales started yesterday, and you can purchase your Hella Bling HERE for 16200YEN/£85 plus shipping.

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