Rato Kim’s Christmas ‘Snow Cat’ Lottery Release Details

The weather in the UK at the minute has dropped considerably over the last week or so. Winter is here. No doubt there will be snow soon. In the world of Bread Cat, snow is already here though. Rato Kim, the creator of Bread Cat, has a new release this week, and it’ll be enough to melt your little heart. In the shape of Snow Cat.

Limited to 12 pieces, Snow Cat is priced at $150. You’ll need to enter the Lottery for this release by the end of today, as the Lottery ends and will be drawn tomorrow at 1am GMT (10am Korean time). Please send Rato your name, address and contact by email to [email protected]

Snow Cat Lottery Details
Email [email protected] with



Limited to 12 pieces

Price: $150

Lottery ends: TODAY!

Lottery drawn: 1am GMT TOMORROW

Good luck! We hope you win!

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Go check out Rato Kim on Instagram HERE.

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