Quiccs: ZETA: Manila Killa ToyCon PH Exclusive Set!

It would appear the Quiccs hype train shows no signs of slowing down, with the reveal that there will be MULTIPLE exclusive releases by Quiccs at ToyCon PH in the Philippines at the end of the month. It just keeps rollin’ rollin’ rollin!

The “ZETA: Manila Killa” Toycon PH Exclusive Set (pictured above) is the second set in the Manila Killa Trilogy series! Launched last year with the TEQ63 Manila Killa set in 2018, and to be completed with the final secret Manila Killa set in 2020! As with the 2018 release, there will be three sizes of ZETA available at ToyCon PH. The Micro ZETA at 3inches tall (resin), the standard ZETA at 6inches tall (vinyl) and the Mega ZETA at an impressive 12inches tall of handprinted resin. The set of ZETA will retail at ToyCon PH for $230 (about £183). There will be a limited run of 50 sets available at ToyCon PH, with an additional 50 sets being made available AFTER ToyCon PH for those that miss out and not able attend.

The standard 6inch vinyl ZETA will be available separately at ToyCon PH too, limited to 200 pieces.

There will be another THREE exclusive Quiccs releases at ToyCon PH, with details coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled to TTC for more information as we get it!


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