Project Vulkira

Project: Vulkira

What are you opinion on giant robots? Like them? Well, you’ll like these. Eric ‘Necro‘ Smith has come up with the concept of Vulkira, a vinyl robot that are reminiscent of the vintage Japanese robots of the 1970’s. Vulkira isn’t available yet, but is in a digital concept stage – looks freakin’ cool – right?

Vulkira Digital Concept

Necro has this up on Kickstarter, as a preview, if it ever reaches its target then it will be produced by UK’s Unbox Industries. From the concept pics above, it appears the arms articulated and have the possibilities to switch the fists for rocket launchers and a massive drill. Bish. Bash. Bosh. Vulkira will stand at 8inch tall and cost $60.

Vulkira Kickstarter

Everything about this project looks very nice indeed. We can’t wait to see what becomes of this project. You can keep tabs over on the Project Vulkira Facebook & Twitter!

Vulkira Inked

Necro has put together some 3D prototypes of different Vulkira colourways. Which is your favourite?

Vulkira Vulkira Blue Vulkira Grey Vulkira Pink

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