Second chances don’t come often. If you missed the previous PLANET-X GOSAURA 1st COLORWAY you might have a chance to get the new colorway of the majestic Planet-X kaiju;


This two-headed prehistoric beast is inspired by Marusan’s pachi kaiju Gosura, yet it’s been spiced up with modern details for a more menacing look. GOSAURA stands approximately 28cm (11 Inches) tall while bearing 7 points of articulations.

This version is cast in orange vinyl and features metallic green, metallic teal and vibrant yellow color spray.

Priced at USD220 + 20 (172GPB + 15), sales will go down as lottery from NOW till 23:59 June 21, 2017 (HKT), see important details below:

[box title=”Important Details”]

Price: USD220 + 20 (172GPB + 15)

Sales via Lottery, email [email protected] with:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Country
  • Telephone Number
  • Paypal Address
  • Instagram / Facebook ID

Lottery winners will receive notification emails by June 23, 2017.


Note that due to Gosaura size it will be shipped with tail detached. Just hola us if you’re having trouble with it!


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