Okashii Ghost by Miawcomic

Light up your Designer Toy collection with these wonderfully cute Okashii Ghosts by Miawcomic. Not only are the Okashii Ghosts glow in the dark (always a win) but they also are night lights too! So when you turn there LED colour changing light off, they keep glowing to illuminate your dreams!Okashii-Ghost-Miawcomic-1

Miawcomic is a Canadian Designer Toy artist from Montreal. Each piece is very unique and crafted by hand! She never makes the same colourway twice for the same design and all her pieces are numbered. Okashii Ghosts come in six different colours, only one of each colour is available.


Debuting tomorrow (6th July) at Montreal Comic Con. If you’re interested in acquiring yourself an Okashii Ghost, contact Miawcomic via private message on Facebook HERE or Instagram @miawcomic!


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