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OK LUNA Exhibition Songs for Our Toyniverse 2017

OK LUNA finally releases the full details on their latest project and exhibition. After months of teasing and making small debuts at various conventions. OK LUNA is ready for the2 017 OK LUNA Exhibition ??? [ Songs for Our Toyniverse ] Tour! First two stops are  T-Park Café & eatery and Playtoysforever store. We’ve already fallen in love with OK Luna’s Jobi Fox and the all new The Lil’ Fox “O” (ORIGIN) which made an appearance at Wonder Festival Summer 2017! The story now continues with OK LUNA x Merry Go Round with JOHN & YOKO’s space diary.


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New companions always arrived startlingly.

As usual, I headed back to the dormitory with SORA and MONITOR after lessons. All of a sudden, we saw a light ball streaked across the sky like a shooting star and plunged into the mountain. SORA, who was filled with curiosity, instinctively rushed to where the light ball landed before we could restrain him.

‘Alien! Aliens! ‘ SORA told us with excitement when we arrived.

Under the grove stood two creatures that looked like ‘human’. They were at the same height as us and was wearing space suits. Standing beside them, were two foxes we had never seen, seemed like they were sisters.

‘So…you are able to see us?’ MONITOR asked the aliens doubtfully, as a most human could not see us.

‘So many foxes! JOHN’s right!’ the alien smiled. ‘Hello, my name is YOKO, I brought them here to look for companions. ‘ She pushed the foxes beside her gently.

‘I’m LEILA, she’s my sister MIA.’ The elder sister introduced themselves briefly. Deep and the stiff voice sounded a bit cold, which paired with her long cape and fur ? white touched with blue.

‘I guess my mission is completed! I hope you guys can get along! Too big the universe, too short to live. Let’s meet soon.’ YOKO headed back to her spaceship after waving us goodbye. The spaceship shined and lifted off to the sky a few seconds later.

I watched as the spaceship vanished into the sky like a star. I was still confused about what had happened.

‘Nice… nice to meet you!’ MIA who was hiding behind LEILA tried to break the ice nervously.

‘Hello! I’m SORA, they’re JOBI and MONITOR. Welcome to Earth!’ SORA said kindly.

‘This place… is so peaceful. Seems like there’s no war here…?’ LEILA asked restlessly.

‘You mean the daily snacks battle in tuck shop?’ SORA cracked a joke.

‘…MIA, we are safe at last. I promised I would protect you.’ LEILA was finally relieved and hugged MIA tightly.

‘Wahhh…!’ MIA burst into howling cry. I couldn’t even imagine what had happened to them.

‘Anyway, Let’s bring them back to the dormitory and meet the teacher. ‘ said MONITOR.


To be continued

2017 OK LUNA Exhibition ???
[ Songs for Our Toyniverse ]

? ????

? ????$4400

? ???(?)JOHN?$1200

? One-Off ???? + ??????$??

? ????

? ????20x20cm , 10x10cm

? ??????


? ????

? 11?00

? 11?30
2017 OK LUNA Exhibition ??? [ Songs for Our Toyniverse ]


? 15?00
??”????” ? “?????”

? 16?00??????(?????)


???2017/8/12 ( ?? )
???T-Park Café&eatery
(?????????? 107 ? 10 ? 1 ?)
??????? ? ???


??????? ??

[box title=”Important Details”]

WHEN: Saturday, August 12 at 1 PM Tawain time

WHERE: T-Park Café & Eatery ???????107?10?1.2?, Taipei, Taiwan 10443

Second event:

13th August (Sunday) till 18th August (Fri) 14:00 pm-22:00 pm Playtoysforever ????  ????????? 40 ? 29 ? -1

13th August (Sunday) till 18th August (Fri) 14:00 pm-22:00 pm
WHERE: Playtoysforever Taipei City, Tai Ann District, 40 lane, 29 lane, 29, 1, 1, 1, 1


Check out 2017 OK LUNA Exhibition ??? [ Songs for Our Toyniverse ] Events page HERE for more info.

Stay tuned for online release details and further updates.

Find OK LUNA Jobifox on Facebook HERE.

Merry Go Round now has a Facebook page HERE.

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