New WIP Sculpts from Mr Heggie!

Well, this should excite you. We hear that British artist, Mr Heggie is bringing his characters to 3D life. Mr Heggie, if you don’t know him, you should do. He’s an Illustrator, Artist, Masturbator & Tattooer. Heggie has a certain style of art that we fuckin’ love! We’ve long been a fan of his edgy, dark humour. It has a certain punch to it, and we’re looking forward to seeing this new adventure for Mr Heggie!

Right now it looks like Mr Heggie is working on two characters. No details are yet known on when or where these will be released. It looks like most of the sculpt work has been completed. Once we know more details on these, we’ll let you know. No doubt these will be highly sought after, as Mr Heggie has a large following of eager fans.


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Whilst you wait for more details, why not check out Mr Heggie’s store HERE or Instagram HERE.

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