More KAWS Open Edition Companions at MoMA!

So whilst the UK got a blast of KAWS action this week, courtesy of Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the US has another go at getting their hands on the KAWS Open Edition Companions. Another batch is now available via MoMA, but please be aware that the MoMA site is going extremely slow due to demand. All flavours are available HERE on the MoMA store.


Good luck! Don’t forget, Fuck Flippers. This is an Open Edition and as we’ve said from Day One last year, more will keep on being restocked globally. We’ll keep you posted once we hear of further drops.The MoMA store have each version available for $200 plus shipping.

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  1. The MoMA store in Soho still has some Companions left in 5 styles! I just got some. Corner of Spring and Crosby.

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