MIMI The Cannibal Girl CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST Blood Red Edition By Utomaru x Tomenosuke Release info

New month new update and it’s a good one! a good few hours ago,A major development to Utomaru x Tomenosuke ” CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST now known as MIMI The Cannibal Girl. Last month week Tomenosuke, revealed the MIMI The Cannibal Girl Blood Red Edition started production! If you’ve been tuning in to TTC you should already know we are pumped up for  MIMI as we have been tracking aka stalking the journey since 2017. Like we said previously, back in April 2017, our first words were WOAH when Utomaru x Tomenosuke showed the world what they are working on together. Bring you all a new figure! In April the figure was already looking great in its early prototype stages. Yuko Utomaru Motoki  Freelance illustrator & graphic designer, Utomaru who’s based in Tokyo, Japan has her vector turned into a fully fledged figure and powered by Tomenosuke making Utomaru art come to life in a form of a figure and we WANT it even in its early stages.

June there was an update HERE and fast forward to STGCC 2017 we were lucky to see it in person at the Tomenosuke booth! Major development and adjustments have been made to the figure. Tomenosuke Shoten blog wrote about the major update. As you can see in the photos below which were taken at STGCC 2017 and now the official word and posters have been announced! Utomaru x Tomenosuke MIMI The Cannibal Girl Blood Red Edition is READY to be released!

A year and three months after Yohei Kaneko of mirock-toy started working on a prototype based on utomaru’s art, we’re finally almost ready to release the “MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Blood Red Edition. Because we included a display stand with a metal base, our usual method of closing the plastic bags with header cards didn’t fit well, and after some consultation with utomaru and our package maker, we settled on the window boxes you see here. The inside of the box is also designed to keep the figure in place on a skewer. This turned out to be one of Tomenosuke’s finest products yet.

[youtube url=”” width=”1200″ height=”1000″][/youtube]

Below are all the prototype shots.


For the prototype figure which you looked at on the blog post of 2017-04-06, we received advice from the factory to slightly thicken the post in order to strengthen it. But the problem is that if we try to thrust the post in vertically from the rear, it bumps into the front teeth. Yohei, who is in charge of sculpting the prototype, ground down the teeth as an experiment, but anyone could see that this was bad. Then, Utomaru quite easily devised a solution. Essentially, all she did was to widen the mouth upwards only where the teeth interfered. Please have a look at the final form of the prototype, where the mouth has been modified and split in two, and the outer surface has been flawlessly polished. Now it’s the factory’s turn to have the wax model turned into a product. – –Tomenosuke Shoten

The image below shows the colouring of the Artist utomaru and is just temporary. The actual product image is different.

This is our latest and strongest project, which we are really excited about. This figure from utomaru, an illustrator who was not even featured in our 10th anniversary stickers. It is based on the Cannibal Holocaust motif. Yohei Kaneko of mirock-toy was also delighted to be involved, and created this prototype for us. We are hoping to debut the new figure this summer. –Tomenosuke Shoten

Sofubi figure with Tomenosuke store. This design is from my artwork inspired by my favourite Italian horror mover Cannibal Holocaust. It is my first figure and I’m so excited. Today the original sculpture is finished and was sent to the mould making process –Utamaru

Manga and hints of Mc Bess? Maybe it’s the eyes but still freaking awesome.

“MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Blood Red Edition will be released on June 8th at As much as this Blood Red Edition is so cool, we hope a fully painted version will be released in the near future too. * Throws money at the screen! Ha.

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(info and media lifted from tomenosuke )

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