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18 Uppercut x MightyJaxx Release: “FLOW”

Yin and yang are wonderful concepts, the balance and harmony of life.



Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, Light and Dark; These recurring themes have captivated and motivated humanity for arguably the extent of our existence.  In harmony and beauty, 18 Uppercut and MightyJaxx come together to bring us “FLOW” – this striking visual representation of the force behind so much of our lives.  mighty-jaxx-flow-1

Yin and Yang are one vital force — the primordial aura.



Here we see the joyous faces of nature juxtaposed with the toothy, open mouths.  The detail of the tongues and the teeth themselves are really captivating. With a base swirled with the essence of Yin and Yang and the freestanding auras of each, this piece makes a lasting impression. 18 Uppercut really grasped and portrayed the way life continues with the good and the bad endlessly intertwining, giving us the reminder of life’s integral forces to have on display in our own homes.


The motion of yin and yang generates all things in nature.




This piece will drop at the Mighty Jaxx Website this Saturday October 27th at 10am EDT/3pm BST!


Be sure to follow the artist (18 Uppercut) on his Instagram and Facebook as well as checking out his website




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