Metallic Ahwroo Exclusive by Kidrobot x Gary Baseman!

We brought you news earlier this month that Gary Baseman was working on a release of Ahwroo with 3D Retro (read HERE). It turns out that one of the new colourways will be an exclusive Metallic Ahwroo released by Kidrobot! oh, and it releases in FIVE minutes!

Ahwroo Gary Baseman FEATURE3 copy

This exclusive Kidrobot release will be available at 5pm GMT today over on the Kidrobot online store HERE. Ahrwoo stands at 7.5 inches tall and is limited to only 130 pieces, and these will no doubt sell out super quick. So get your F5 fingers ready! No details on price but will update when known.

“I live my life every day as an artist. I don’t do anything that isn’t about creating, sometimes to the detriment of my life. How others see my art is up to them. I start with creating images and characters, often in an intuitive and playful way. I experiment in different mediums and disciplines. My work may seem light-hearted at first, but it’s all quite serious to me. I’m inspired by experiences, intellectual and emotional connections, and I hope those who view my art can somehow be touched by it.

I think about and value more my “dream reality” than dreams. Dreams are many things: actual dreams when we sleep, dreams of desire of how we want to live our lives. My dream reality speaks to how I live life, my worldview – how I take in our objective or subjective reality and work with it to create something meaningful. I take heartache and happiness, and filter them through what I call my dream reality. Hopefully I can create some imagery or narrative that people can relate to, learn from, be inspired by, and hopefully that in turn makes them a better person.”

Gary Baseman talking with Kidrobot

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