Introducing Big the Toy by Studio Big!

Well, this slipped on by without us finding it on Instagram, but these things happen especially with those pesky IG algorithms. Regardless we introduce you today to Big the Toy! We figured you guys would get a kick out of this simply cute character from Studio Big!

These lil, smiley, happy pills are 2.75inches tall (the same size as a 100% [email protected], for reference). They released in November 2018 and are available in a number of wonderful colours. They come individually at around 12-15000 KRW (South Korean Won) which works out at about £8-10ish. They also come in coloured pairs too, which work out at 23000 KRW (£16ish).

Trying to get these into the western Designer Toy world may prove tricky. Studio Big’s store is part of Naver (the Korean Google essentially, we are led to believe). If you’re from Korea, you can head on over to their store HERE. For those not in that vicinity, you may need to try contact Studio Big on Instagram HERE to see if there is an international option. You can try to use Google Chrome as your browser, as that auto-translates a lot of information. Otherwise, try contacting your favourite Designer Toy store such as Strange Cat Toys, Tenacious Toys, myplasticheart etc who may have contacts over in Korea that can hook them up with a wholesale batch of Big the Toy for your Designer Toy consumption.

We love that Big the Toy comes in three different easily detachable pieces, meaning you can mix & match your colourways to create new & crazy colours!

Studio Big have also just released this wonderful new Living Coral version of Big the Toy. Using Pantone 16-1546 (colour of the year 2019) as the base for this Big in a snowglobe. Available for 30000 KRW (£21ish) from the Studio Big store HERE.

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