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Magitarius ‘Madballish’ Figures

No doubt that the 80’s classics and everyone beloved Madballs are hyped once again! The collectible bouncing balls with horrendous faces and designs are getting new official and un-official releases. From Kidrobot, Mondo or Blackdots and several independent bootlegged versions we are always happy to see them popping up!

Magitarius took on those bad boys with a very unique approach. Resin versions inspired by pop culture icons. Three different version are available;


Reptilian Madballs

“Reptilian Madballs are here. They have always been here. They are everywhere and anyone! They could be your friends. You might work for them. You could be hanging out with them right now and don’t even know it…..until they reveal themselves by ripping off their face! It could just be a toy.”

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A limited edition of 9. Available HERE for $45 (34 GPB) + S/H.


The Beholder

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“With The Beholder for instance we wanted to capture that old school feel of staying up late eating pizza playing D&D while watching Night Flights in some friend’s basement or attic while meshed with the craziness of the flying multi-eyed buger ball monster from Big Trouble in Little China. D&D Monster Manuals were my favorite part of that game and there’s so much that’s great about Big Trouble in Little China that the mash-up just made sense.”

A limited Run Series of 10 Pieces measuring 6 x 5.5 x 4?. Each one available for $55 (41 GPB) HERE includes Shipping in the USA!



“While sleeping one off from eons ago Cthulhu has been captured here is his hybrid Madballish form.”

A limited run of 5 in this Ancient Ones Colorway.

Available HERE for $55 (41 GPB). Includes Shipping in the USA!


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Price: $55 (41 GPB)Includes Shipping in the USA

Release date/time: NOW!

Link to Site:



Contact Magitarius at: [email protected]

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