Luma by Foom Toys

We have someone a bit cute to introduce to you today. She’s by Foom Toys, and she’s called Luma.

Luma, the littlest of her kind, from the smallest planet in the galaxy, with the biggest heart. Although tiny, she was given the largest mission of all; to travel all of the worlds, like a little speck of light, sharing her heart to those in need.

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This little darling is 2 inches tall and is cast in resin. She comes with a vibrant pink and white ribboned box, a Certificate of Authenticity card and is signed by the Foom team.

There will only be 10 of these little Lumas available on Friday 17th April, 8pm PDT (3am Saturday GMT) for $35 (around £25) each, so make sure you’re on Foom’s Store if you want one of these lovelies in your life.

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