Kichigai Buta and Evil Demon Milky Blue

Bukimi Blasters is back with a fresh batch of soft vinyl kaiju for your pleasure. Kichigai Buta and Evil Demon are bank for another run, this time around in a blank version, a milky blue soft vinyl cast;

Kichigai Buta

Kichigai Buta
Kichigai Buta 2
Kichigai Buta 3

Evil Demon

Evil Demon
Evil Demon 2
Evil Demon 3

The Evil demon comes with law head. Each figure will come bagged with header and goodies. If you get the set you’ll get more free sticker sets.

Kichigai Milky Blue Package

Available at Oct 14th 9:00 Japan time for $99 (75 GPB) each.

Important Details

Price: $99 (75 GPB) each.

Release date/time: Oct 14th 9:00 Japan time.

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