Join the Anti Flipper Flipper Club!

For all those flippers amongst us that hate flippers, a new club has opened up for you. Anti Flipper Flipper Club! Time to buy the t-shirt, let the world know your stance on flippers with the new release by Softoy Hobby.
anti-flipper-flipper-club-teeAvailable to purchase HERE, and you can choose between a number of different options too depending on your wardrobe preferences. Available in a white tee, black tee, black sweatshirt and heather grey sweatshirt too. Tees are $20 (£14) and the sweatshirts are $35 (£25) each. Each garment features a premium pressed vinyl breast and oversized back Anti Flipper Flipper club logo. These garments are made to order, so expect a three-week turnaround.

Flippers love our TTC Mobile App, so that means Anti Flipper Flippers love it too. Check it out for FREE on the App Store and Google Play Store!

ttc-mobile-app-iphone-main ttc-mobile-app-google-main

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