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Jinja – The Soapstone Lion

Jake over at Aardman Animations (the guys behind Wallace & Gromit) emailed us with details of his newly designed vinyl toy, that we knew instantly fell in love with & had to share with you.  Before we give you details on his design though, let us give you some of the back story…

Jake and his girlfriend (Marti) are planning on a huge charity bike ride in November, from Uganda to Kenya, raising money for the Kenyan Orphan Project – supporting children living in poverty in East Africa. To help raise money, Jake has designed a vinyl toy – but rather than being made from plastic, they’re being hand-carved out of soapstone, by one guy, in Africa. This design is already being carved out of stone in Kenya by their friend – Geoffrey. Geoffrey is a talented and generous artist, who teaches art to street children in Kisumu.

[frame align=”center”]geoffrey carving Jinja[/frame]

Pretty cool, right?

Jake’s toy is called Jinja and is based on a lion – posed to be either roaring, cheering, or simply yawning – depending on your mood.

[frame align=”center”]Jinja Lion KOP soapstone[/frame]

To help them raise money, Jake has commissioned 8 artists to customise resin figures of Jinja. These 8 customs will be available to the highest bidder on Thursday 30th October, you can find out more details on the Jinja website here!

The list of custom artists are:

  • Peter Lord (Aardman founder)
  • Rich Webber (Purple & Brown / DC Funnest)
  • Merlin Crossingham (Wallace & Gromit)
  • Gav Strange (Aardman / JamFactory)
  • Sarah Matthews (Aardman / BernysPlace)
  • Sam Hadley (Slumberbean)
  • Danny Capozzi (Aardman / Hero73*)
  • Peskimo

These guys have come up with some great customs too, why not take a look below:

[frame align=”center”]Peter Lord Aardman Jinja Soapstone[/frame]

Peter Lord (Aardman founder)

[frame align=”center”]Rich Webber Jinja KP Soapstone aardman[/frame]

Rich Webber (Purple & Brown / DC Funnest)

[frame align=”center”]Merlin KOP Jinja aardman soapstone[/frame]

Merlin Crossingham (Wallace & Gromit)

[frame align=”center”]Gav Strange Jam Factory Jinja soapstone aardman[/frame]

Gav Strange (Aardman / JamFactory)

[frame align=”center”]Sarah Matthews aardman jinja soapstone[/frame]

Sarah Matthews (Aardman / BernysPlace)

[frame align=”center”]sam hadley slumberbean jinja kop soapstone aardman[/frame]

Sam Hadley (Slumberbean)

[frame align=”center”]hero73 jinja kop aardman soapstone[/frame]

Danny Capozzi (Aardman / Hero73*)

[frame align=”center”]Peskimo jinja soapstone kop aardman[/frame]


Sam’s (our good friend at Slumberbean) custom in particular is incredible – and he’s done a great video showing how it was done:

[vimeo url=”http://vimeo.com/109060187″]

The above 8 customs, as mentioned, will be available to the highest bidder on Thursday 30th October.

However, if you would like to get your hands on one of the unique hand-carved soapstone Jinja – you can donate through eBay on Thursday 30th October and you will be sent one of the original pieces once Jake & Marti return from Africa.

All proceeds go direct to the Kenyan Orphan Project, who are a great charity based in Bristol, like Aardman.

You can always follow both Marti & Jake on their adventure via Twitter: @martinagant and @jakemanion.

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