innerchild4 Nerviswr3k

Inner Child by Nerviswr3k!

Further details surrounding Nerviswr3k‘s first production vinyl piece are finding their way in to the open. Produced by SubUrban Vinyl, this 4inch vinyl release, will come in three colourways. Two are exclusive to SubUrban Vinyl (Green) and Tenacious Toys (Blue). The third will be a red colourway, which will be the general retailer version. To say Nerviswr3k and SubUrban Vinyl have nailed it would be an understatement.

Priced at a reasonable $45 (£30). The arms will be articulated and will come packed in a 4 panel box with Clam shell. We also have teaser pics of the packaging too…

[frame align=”center”]innerchild4 Nerviswr3k[/frame]

We can’t wait for these to drop. Keep your peepers on The Toy Chronicle for further information. Nice work Nerviswr3k & SubUrban Vinyl!

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