How to Win an Exclusive Dead Beat City Kuma in 4 Steps

Are you a huge fan of Dead Beat City, but haven’t been able to score a Kuma yet? Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms because it’s been a while? Or do you simply want to add another Kuma to your collection? Then this is your chance!

Win a Kuma
In order to win the chance of buying a Dead Beat City Dropouts exclusive Kuma, follow the next steps:

  1. If you aren’t already, become a member of the Dead Beat City Dropouts on Facebook. Here you can find fans of all things Dead Beat City. Make sure you answer all the questions when you request to join the group.
  2. Create your very own cardboard Kuma with any leftover Christmas wrapping paper or packaging. Whether you get creative with a shoe box from you new sneakers, cute wrapping paper or a box from your latest designer toy purchases, as long as you manage to turn it into a Kuma, you can have a go with it.

    So how tempting it may be, you can’t use brand new cardboard from a shop, only leftover cardboard packaging. This idea stems from Mr. Dead Beat City himself being a packaging designer.

    In addition to recycled wrapping paper and boxes, you can use staples, glue and tape to create your Kuma.
  3. Make sure each Kuma you submit has articulated arms and an articulated head.
  4. Only post your entry in the Dead Beat City Dropouts competition post that is pinned at the top of the Facebook group no later than January 31st 2022. Please don’t share your Kuma(s) outside of the group until the end of the competition. This ensures all entries will be judged without the jury knowing who created which Kuma to prevent any bias. Each member can submit a maximum of 2 Kumas/entries.

    Note: you can only win 1 prize (regardless of how many entries you’ve submitted). Dead Beat City will judge the entries with a panel of his choosing.

Kuma entry by a Dead Beat City Dropouts member.

With a total of 10 Kumas, there’s a good chance your cardboard buddy may end up with an exclusive friend if you’re selected as a winner and decide to make good use of the opportunity to buy this rare bear.

Now what exactly may that sweet Kuma look like? As of now, the exact details remain a small mystery, but we do know it will be a Kuma specifically made for the Dead Beat City Dropouts. And… tattoo ideas for this exclusive Kuma are welcome ;).

So turn that paper recycling bin upside down and craft a Kuma like your life depends on it!

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  1. I would love to have an exclusive Kuma. Rare collectibles are just my things. Thanks for the info. I want to share a shop that gets me the best collectibles. “Aladdin’s Cave“. They have a unique collection of cars, model boats, commercial aircraft as well as some well-known Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythological statues. Thanks again!

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