How to Get Designer Toys that are not Available in Your Country!

Shipping is an integral part of the Designer Toy experience. We are constantly bombarded with global releases from our favourite international artists on a daily basis, but shipping can often cock-block your Designer Toy purchases when artists & companies are not happy to ship internationally. Booooo. There are solu​tions out there, and this post introduces you to one of those solutions. ​Parcl​ – an international shipping community that can help you get your hands on your treasured Designer Toys no matter where the seller is located.

Story behind Parcl

Parcl was set up when a group of friends needed assistance with across-the world delivery of collectibles. Sounds familiar, right? They found that web stores only offered domestic shipping. Following sleepless nights & brainstorming, Alex, one of the​ ​Parcl founders, came to the conclusion that there were likely other international shoppers who faced the same problem, and that there were likely others that would be willing to arrange international delivery from stores. So Parcl, a website​ ​connecting shoppers with people capable of shipping their purchases internationally, was born.

At the moment there are 1900+ Parcl package forwarders registered in ​115 countries.​ Using both global carriers and local delivery services, Parcl forwarders ship wide range of goods – from clothing, makeup products, and collectibles to furniture, spare parts, and musical instruments.

To make international shopping truly border-free, convenient and fun!

The Parcl Mission

How Parcl works

There are Shoppers and there are Forwarders within the Parcl realm. The Shoppers are those looking to purchase something from abroad, and the Forwarders are those that will receive the item in said country and ship it over to you. It’s all done via Paypal, so as secure as you can get in terms of security.

To order a delivery, Shoppers create ​delivery requests,​ where they enter the details of the items you wish to purchase. You can also require the Forwarder to make the purchase on your behalf and ship it to you, or you will make the purchase using forwarder’s address and ship the item to the Forwarder for re-direction to you.

Apart from international re-shipping, there are a number of additional services you can request as part of your shipping order.

Once you create a delivery request, all Parcl Forwarders available in the store’s country will receive notifications of your order and will be able to submit their delivery offers. You may communicate with them, negotiate the shipping conditions offered, decline offers you don’t like and search for other forwarders.

Once you select a Forwarder and accept their shipping offer, you will need to make the payment, which will include shipping fees and costs of any additional services requested. If you asked for shopping assistance, the payment will also include the cost of the items. The payment is securely processed through PayPal.

Parcl Forwarders use only experienced international shipping services, and specify shipping costs upfront based on the carrier’s actual shipping rates. After receiving your payment, the Forwarder will provide you with their local address for shopping. Having a local shipping address will allow you to shop at any store in the country of your interest. Simply use your Forwarder’s address as your shipping address at checkout.

If you ordered personal shopping assistance, your forwarder will shop for you. This feature is essential if the store does not accept your payment method. Your Forwarder will receive, process and ship your buys to your address!

Your Forwarder support doesn’t end when your package leaves their location. They (and the Parcl team) are there every step of the way to ensure you receive your package on time and in perfect condition.

Parcl $5 Black Friday Offer

As Black Friday is fast approaching, Parcl are offering $5 off for your order that is placed between November 20 – December 4 over the next two weeks. If you have your eye on anything internationally in the Black Friday sales, this is the ideal time to sign up for Parcl.

Sign up to Parcl

It is free to ​sign up to Parcl​. Joining the Parcl community now gets you instant access to a database of shopping concierge choices.

Parcl Social Media


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