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After almost 2 years since wrote about UK’s Zombieking, back in March this year Zombieking returned and broke our site with the demand of his Tree House of Horror Test-Tube series. Ever since we discovered Zombieking work back in February 2015, we knew Zombieking had the demand for more of his totally crazy and pretty unique work. The UK-based artist has taken his Test-Tube series  and given it a new extreme twist and it works so well.  Chris’s love for absurd foetal specimens and with the removed U.S.A government funding from the planned parenthood clinics, In true zombieking fashion he made a foetus… TrumpFoetus! You might be thinking just another jump on the Trump bandwagon there’s more to this release.

I’ve had this idea to do a trump-foetus thing ever since the HJres43 bill. creating a hideous aborted version of a trump-like foetus [especially given his views on planned parenthood] seemed like a perfect juxtaposition of concepts.

and to capitalise on the fact that I’m using this guy’s horrible likeness – then I will use some of that money to support a cause he does not believe in. proactive karma in action

so for every one I sell, I will donate $5 to planned parenthood US

Sometimes we look out into the world and see something horrible unfolding. I’m talking about the shift to the right wing – both here in Britain with the brexit vote, and over in the states with the trump movement.

I wanted to speak up, maybe even do some art.. but I’ve always been reticent to get political with my work, and i also worried about upsetting some of my American friends who are Republicans.

however. after the news (26 July) regarding his stance on trans people in the military, I decided that I’d just heard too much of his bullshit and decided to do this project. so I apologise in advance if this offends any of my American friends, but I feel like there are major problems with his ethics and policies so will be adding my creative voice against his ideas in my own small way.

although rather than comment on that issue (trans people in the military), I felt that I was better able to comment on a previous problem which bothered me greatly: resolution 43. this is the bill which removed government funding from the planned parenthood clinics.

so. in true zombieking fashion – I made a foetus…

this is ” aborto trump: specimen HJres43 ” – zombieking

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MikeysArtBiz [] made a Trump-inspired pin a little while ago. when I told him what I was doing he loved the idea and has given me a bunch of pins to bundle along with my aborto-trump. if you buy a pin too – he will donate EVERY penny of that to planned parenthood.- Zombieking


[box title=”Important Details”]


WHEN:12NOON Sunday 27th AUGUST 2017


PRICE: £17.50


To buy the foetus on its own costs £17.50
the pin costs an extra £5, for a total bundle price of £22.50

– each foetus sold will generate $5USD (approx £3.90) for planned parenthood
– buying the pin too will mean an additional donation of approx $6.40USD (£5)

Zombieking will be donating money specifically to Iowa & Texas clinics, as they seem to have been worst hit by changes in government policy in recent times.

so. if you order an aborto-trump bundle, this is what you’ll receive:

  • 1x hand-prepared ‘aborto trump’ foetus specimen
  • 1x 150mm long glass test tube, with cork bung
  • 1x wire test tube holder
  • 1x adoption certificate – signed, numbered & dated
  • 1x ‘god help America’ pin by MikeysArtBiz

or, if you order the foetus alone, you will get all of the above except the pin.


We own a full set of the older Test Tube series and can’t speak highly enough about the quilty and price point from Chris and would recommend his work. You can check out the older Test Tube article HERE

Zombieking test tube baby

A few more words from Chris

‘the nuclear family’ was a piece of art I created for a Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror exhibition in Liverpool in 2016 – you can read a little more about this in a blogpost [here]

Their creation process is that I hand sculpted each family member. I then moulded, cast in resin, and hand painted them all. much love and attention are applied during each of these stages. Altogether, I made 10x of each family member and they were sold at the event both individually and as a set.  

I do still have moulds for them, and I do have a desire to cast more bodies and heads (but purely in order to make some kinda mutated monstrosity! whether I ever get round to that is quite doubtful.) that said, I have no intention of remaking them again in this fashion so there will likely only ever be this limited number in existence. 

the test tube display rack is designed by myself. it shows these things off in a rather nice fashion – as well as holding them securely in place. I learned how to use the laser cutter at a local makers club, then proceeded to design, cut and assemble the racks all by myself! (i can’t even hammer a nail in straight – so after doing this I felt like a futuristic carpenter!) 

and a note for anybody who has collected previous test tube babies. this set comes as seen -they do not have individual boxes, nor do they have birth certificates. what you see in the photos is what you get. Instagram and Facebook if you want to get in touch with him.


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